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  1. That was breath taking. Thank you. My setting is a fully dark room with the light of my computer screen, mesmerized by your fingers dancing on the ivory keys of your piano. It was so beautiful. My room is silent, and full attention was given to the sound that hit my ears. Mahalo Hans.

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  2. beautiful little piece Hans. So soothing. (got a purely technical question though: is that piano tuned half a tone low — if so, on purpose? and if so; why?– , or is it the recording that makes it sound half a tone lower? )

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      1. strange, because I have that too, and here on ‘my end’, it sounds half a tone lower…. that’s not an issue, it sounds beautiful, it was just the nerd in me that wanted to know 🙂

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  3. I feel the love through your playing. My children all play and one, now 24, is a classically trained pianist and composer. There is a great love of music in our home and I as an artist understand what you state here. Enjoyed the music enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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  4. Mahalo for composing SUCH divine music… I can feel the love that you have put in every sigle tune… I can also see the person who made this amazing music has a clear and peaceful mindset !!! thank you for this gift, I have listened to it several times and it truely vibrates with love:-) blessings and love

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